Jyl DeHaven

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Jyl is the newest member of the Tai Bixby Associates Team of Extraordinary Real Estate Specialists.

Jyl has been doing commercial real estate for nearly 30 years – wearing many hats, including brokerage, development, urban planning, repurposing, historical preservation, and
redevelopment. She has lead development teams from their inception of an idea to the finished project and has an ability to see the art of what is possible – from raw land to buildings that need to reinvent themselves.

Jyl has an undergraduate degree in Fine Art/Advertising and a Master’s of Science degree in Wellness/Health. Consequently, her ability to use right brain/left brain skills are strong.

She was on the faculty at The University of Texas at Arlington, for 3 years in their School of Urban Planning. She helped design a Master’s degree in Sustainability – focusing on the business and economic model and taught the intro to sustainability for that program. She also developed the Master’s level class entitled Green Cities and Transportation,
teaching that class for 2 years.

Jyl says that her favorite part of her career is to learn about someone’s dream around their business and then help them find the right space to make that dream grow and blossom.  She loves developing communities – healthy communities, that support the needs of its citizens and encourage them to thrive.   She believes that Commercial real estate and development can and should be the economic development backbone of a city/community. As a native New Mexican, she returned to her roots about 4 years ago with the intention of being part of growing a healthy city/region/state.

Outside of commercial real estate, Jyl enjoys hiking, reading, and cooking. She also dabbles in writing romance novels – currently having her first book out for publishing. She is a single mom of an amazing and ac25-year-old son who is a software engineer in Palo Alto, CA

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